Obsidian Intelligence Group

A Wyoming Corporation.ยท (833) OIOIOI0

Obsidian Intelligence Group supports the United States Government and Intelligence Community by solving problems for mission critical objectives that maintain national security and keep citizens safe.


Obelisk One

intelligent secure communications

Obelisk One is a revolutionary secure communications device built from the ground up. Engineered with security and privacy as a priority, the features of the Obelisk One exceed the requirements of even the most demanding clientele and does it with style. For more information please contact us.

Obsidian Swan

Security hardened operating System

Obsidian Swan OS is the worlds first and only hardened mobile operating system designed with security and privacy at its core, completely hardened from the kernel to the libraries with an incredible suite of tools and on device monitoring, Obsidian Swan is the global leader in mobile privacy and security, keeping people safe.

Obsidian Ghost

multi-protocol encryption wrapped network protection

Obsidian Ghost is our industry leading communications stack, 3x NIAP Validated, 3x NIST Validated, CSfC, MA CP 2.x Certified. Voice, HD Video, Messaging and Large File Transfer.

Obsidian Line

encrypted corporate communications

For corporate clients requiring a level of privacy and security so they can rest assured their employees and executives are safe, we provide Obsidian Line, an End-to-End communications soluition. Obsidian Line provides encrypted Voice, Video, Chat and Virtual Meeting solutions that keep your data private and safe.

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